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Faerima and Raqs Shakti present




November 5th, 2022

~ Act One ~

Raqs Ayala.jpg

"Istanbul Express" – “Sendur” and "Heartbeat of Drum"

Characterized by a lively and spirited dancer, Turkish Oryantal Dansi or Bellydance is the stage or nightclub version with which most people are familiar.  True Turkish Oryantal, is one that embodies the spirit and music in the Turkish style! In this piece the dancers Bellydance in the Turkish style with a snazzy modern drum solo. Sharp accents and power combos combine with elegant arms and exciting kicks that characterize this dance.  


Performed by: Berna (director and choreographer) Faerima, Oona, Nashita, April, Suzan, Chrystal

Sally the Cinch profile.jpg

Sally the Cinch 
“Dead Man's Party” by Oingo Boingo

Sally Cinch has been studying and performing belly dance since 1998, and has been seen performing throughout the east and west coast at various festival events as a member of the former troupes Mortifera and Dalgali. While studying primarily Turkish Dance, she has also attended workshops by various Egyptian and Tribal instructors over the years and performs as a solo artist with a Turkish fusion flair. Most folks will recognize her through sideshow performances with the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow, and she can be seen at various festivals and variety events performing both sideshow and bellydance sets.


“Send Me an Angel” by Debbie Gravitte

Berna, an artist director and principal choreographer, envisions dance as a bridge between cultures and strives to present both authentic choreography and modern fusions that delve into the theatrical space.  Well respected as an artist and instructor, she loves to have a little fun on halloween. Big thanks to RAD Raks and Faerima and the NoVA dance crew for an amazing time!


“Bury a Friend” by Billie Eilish

Seraphina has been belly dancing since she performed at her high school international night during her senior year. She has taken various performance classes as an adult and loves to incorporate belly dance moves into choreography with Latin, modern, and pop music. She is excited to make her debut as a solo performer this fall.

Tisha and April.jpeg

Farah Fusion
“Sallem ‘aal Beit” by Youssra El Hawary

April and Tisha have been dancing together since the spring in Faerima's troupe, Raqs Sultana. Farah Fusion is their creative vision. Farah means happiness in Arabic and bellydance is their happy place. They will perform original choreography by Gretchen at Sahara Dance DC to Sallem 'aal Beit.


Performed by: April Freeburn and Tisha Kramer


Troupe Anam Cara
“Wychtes Chant/I Put a Spell on You” by Inkubus Sukkubus and Annie Lennox

Troupe Anam Cara, under the direction of Lindsey McCormick, formed through the bonds of sisterhood and a deep love for the dance. This is a group of incredibly hard-working women who somehow manage to juggle life, careers and children to foster their passion. The Troupe is an invite only group for Anam Cara Dance students.


Performed by: Lindsey McCormick, Jen West, Dorie Marusich-Henry, Tracy Brown, Tracy Babylon, Jess Welch, Suzanne Lutsky

IG: @anamcaradanc

Farah Abi.JPG

Farah Abi
“Pussy Cat” by Abdel Basset Hamouda

Farah Abi has been dancing for over two decades. She has performed as a professional dancer specializing in Egyptian style at restaurants, parties, and festivals around the DC region and beyond. She has been a long time student of Yasmin in Bethesda, Maryland. And has studied Egyptian folkloric style with Faten in Northern Virginia, and Turkish style with Artemis in Silver Spring, Maryland. Plus workshops with many other master teachers. Farah’s favorite aspect of Egyptian style is interacting with the audience and adding character and personality to the show. She is excited to share this performance with you!


Act 2


Yggdrasil, the Roots of the Underworld
“Immortal Love” by Paul Dinletir and Sand (feat. Karen Whipple) by Nathan Lanier

The world tree is a common myth from many cultures - Norse through Eastern Europe, the Turkic people and even the Far East.  This giant tree Yggdrasil is said to connect the heavens with its branches, the trunk to the earthly land and its roots to the underworld.  This piece will explore the bond between the world tree and the souls at its roots.  The dancers will be as one embodying the tree with roots digging deeper as each individual soul shines a little light in the darkness.  The depths call the souls home to build roots ever stronger to hold up the world.   


Performed By: Berna (director and Choreographer), Faerima, Oona, Loreli, Nashita, with guest performer April and love to Monica


“Start Wearing Purple” by Gogo Bordello

LuLu is very proud of her Greek heritage and has studied dance in Greece, Egypt and Turkey. She has performed at numerous venues including the Casablanca restaurant, Ouzo’s restaurant and the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Egypt. She is currently performing in Baltimore and D.C.


“Milieu”  by Beats Antique

A local Raqs Sharqi favorite at area Hafla’s and festivals throughout the mid Atlantic region, Sha’vei is the team leader for Shimmy Mob representing our nations capital. In 2023 it will be the team’s 10th anniversary raising money for domestic crisis victims. Creative and energetic, Sha’vei Participates on online shows, both prerecorded and live. A veteran Dancer of 5 decades, Sha’vei Is known for her charm, smile and energy.


A local favorite from SE DC, Sha’vei is the team leader for Shimmy Mob DC. She has been classically trained in Raqs Sharqi but cross trains in other styles. She enjoys performing at festivals and area haflas.


“Storm” by Otyken and “Du Hast" by Rammstein  

Asala specializes in Egyptian bellydance, various Arab and Persian folk dances, and Bollywood dance. A seasoned artist in the DC area since 2007, she regularly entertains weddings, corporate events, festivals, fundraisers, and birthday celebrations. Her effortless musicality and seamless improvisation are the foundation to her dynamic, interactive performances. Asala has performed alongside British pop star Thomas Dolby, Moroccan pop star Mohamed Reda, and Iranian pop stars The Black Cats, Andy Madadian, and Mansour. In the fall of 2008, Asala joined Silk Road Dance Company (SRDC), expanding her training to classical and folkloric dance styles from Central Asia, the Middle East, and South Asia. She has performed with SRDC in numerous festivals, stage productions, museum performances and has traveled nationally and internationally.

Donna 2.jpg

Donna Eileen
“Behind Door #2” by Susu Pampanin

Known for her fiery stage presence and sophisticated cymbal work, Donna Eileen is a dynamic performer and instructor based in Sterling, VA. She strives to create innovative expressions of music through joyful and passionate movement. Donna values her role as a storyteller - tenaciously chasing refinement, clarity, honesty, and respect. An Intermediate 2 Salimpour style dancer, Donna Eileen is currently a candidate for Performance 1 (formerly Suhaila Level 4) certification, which focuses on personalization in performance. She has performed internationally with Suhaila Salimpour’s Bal Anat and is the Collective Leader for Salimpour Collective DC. Donna Eileen teaches regular technique and choreography classes at Born 2 Dance Studio in Vienna, VA, and she is also available for private lessons by request.





“My Jolly Sailor Bold” by Ashley Serana

Faerima is an award-winning performer, life-long dancer, and natural entertainer. Her unique style and dazzling stage presence have been wowing audiences for over 15 years. Specializing in American cabaret style and tribal style fusion, Faerima enjoys blending musics, styles, and costumes to create a unique dance experience every time! Today’s performance is a creative tale of a woman who fell in love with a sailor that was lost at sea. She sails out to find her love but her ship goes down in a storm and she washes up in a strange land.

Contact at:

Raqs Sultana.jpg

Raqs Sultana
“The Allure” by Beats Antique

Faerima has followed her lost love out to sea and found herself shipwrecked and dazed, on an island surrounded by mysterious, beautiful creatures with silvery skin and... are those... fins?  The dark, ethereal sirens and their queen dance a magic spell around her as she begins to forget her quest for love and find herself starting to feel... the allure.


*Curtain Call*
“Ghost Busters”  by Ray Parker Jr. 

Happy Halloween!

Open Dancing, Drinks, Food and Celebration to Follow!

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